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Gilded Gifting

With the holiday season in full swing,I wanted to share some of my favorite go-to gift items. Perfect for friends or loved ones,here are some of my favorite Ashley Morgan holiday pieces.   Five Golden Rings! These stackable are effortlessly

What’s New: Wilkes Bashford Custom Design

A source of inspiration this fall is the work I have been doing with Wilkes Bashford. I have been thoroughly enjoying being able to work privately with clients, and I’ve been able to design some lovely pieces. I recently worked

Christopher Woodcock’ s The Great Western Divide

Christopher Woodcock’ s The Great Western Divide Christopher Woodcock was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. His photographs investigate narratives of exploration, urbanization, and preservation of wilderness. Being from Colorado, I particularly loved his Great Western Divide

Where Ashley Morgan Finds Design Inspiration

People often ask what inspires me. Well, it might sound silly, but I am inspired by everything. I find inspiration from other artists, nature, changing of seasons, anything really. The inspiration, however, is just the very beginning. It is the

Ashley Morgan’s Anniversary Gift Guide

Celebrate! Life gets pretty complicated sometimes, so I think it is important to take time to celebrate the good things! Anniversaries are certainly a great time to pause and think about the loved ones in our lives. While there are

A Note From the Designer, Ashley Morgan

Summer is a fantastic time of year – a time when things tend to slow down creating spaces to pause, breathe, think about life and enjoy the wonderful people in our lives. This slower time and pace allows me to

Ashley Morgan’s New Colored Cluster Collection

Color. Color. Color. Inspired by my love of color and Fourth of July 4th celebrations, some of my new pieces draw from the fascinating colors and sparkling display of fireworks against the night sky.