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Where Ashley Morgan Finds Design Inspiration

People often ask what inspires me. Well, it might sound silly, but I am inspired by everything. I find inspiration from other artists, nature, changing of seasons, anything really. The inspiration, however, is just the very beginning. It is the

A Note From the Designer, Ashley Morgan

Summer is a fantastic time of year – a time when things tend to slow down creating spaces to pause, breathe, think about life and enjoy the wonderful people in our lives. This slower time and pace allows me to

JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas

Last month I was fortunate to attend the JCK, Couture and Antiques show in Las Vegas. It was fun and inspiring to be around so many different parts of the jewelry industry. I loved looking at loose stones, scouring antique

What’s New

My Spring/Summer 2015 collection is highlighted by this vibrant bracelet in brilliant shades of pink and green Tourmalines linked together perfectly to create a cuff bracelet in 18-Karat Rose Gold.

Design that Inspires

As you all know, rarely do I struggle to find inspiration. That said, nature is one of my leading sources of inspiration. People often ask how and when I design. The truth is, and this might sound funny, but I

Did you know?

Speaking of diamonds, depending on the hue and intensity of a diamond’s coloration, a diamond’s color can either detract from or enhance its value. For example, intense pink or blue diamonds – such as the famous Hope Diamond  – can

Design that Inspires- Union and Fifth

Union and 5th, a local start-up, has really captured my attention. For those of you who do not know Union & 5th, it is a fantastic new platform for people to donate used clothing. They only accept top-flight goods and

Ashley Morgan for Catdance Film Festival

Ashley will be featuring one of her designs on the red carpet this coming week worn by celebrity Nikki Reed. For more information on Catdance Film Festival on Saturday, January 24th visit their website here.