Summer of Love

June 7, 2017

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.
San Francisco seems to be universally celebrating as sepia-toned memories seep into the present day. Celebrated everywhere from throwback museum exhibitions to groovy window displays in high-end stores, it seems as though one can’t walk outside without being taken down summer-lovin’ memory lane. Fringe dangles from long leather vests, rounded sunglasses (although now chrome) adorn many a face. Lace sways from shirts, shorts, and skirts, and psychedelic letters dance across billboards and buses. It’s as though the city and its inhabitants have been waiting, breath bated, to embrace those well-known Beatles lyrics: “all you need is love”.
For some, the love has never ceased. In a city illuminated by light and fog alike, those of us lucky enough to work here find ourselves falling in love every day. Ashley is constantly drawing her inspiration from her love of our fair city, creating jewelry with stones as green as the sunlit bay, gold that shines like the Golden Gate Bridge, and diamonds that glow like backlit fog.
At Ashley Morgan Designs, our Summer of Love will include falling headfirst into fire opals, diving into rose-cut diamonds, and swirling in a pool of sapphires. Stay tuned for more of Ashley’s creations, and remember: there’s nothing like the beauty of a piece that was inspired by love! 
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