Rohit and Miwa’s Love Story


This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding ring is without a doubt Ashley Morgan’s specialty.

Rich with symbols and meanings special to the couple, this ring is truly custom made.

The groom, Rohit, hails from India, and the bride-to-be, Miwa, is from Japan. When this couple came to Ashley to design their ring, they knew it was important that their ring represent their relationship. They wanted the symbols to be a cultural meld—a true blending of two people. From the bride’s Japanese heritage  delicate cherry blossoms were selected, and from the groom’s Indian roots an intricate paisley print. An elaborate blending of these two prints covers the ring.


The symbolism continues in greater depth nearer to the stones—the bride herself is an artist, and one of her projects dealt with basil seeds. The three smaller diamonds elegantly grouped near the large diamond are a representation of these seeds, which symbolize growth.

Later in her studies, the bride came across the concept of a “sound bar code”. Each individual sound bar code tells its own story. The notches nearest to the large circular diamond are the unique sound bar code of this couple’s own love story.

The story of this ring is so much bigger than the ring itself. This is a story of two worlds coming together and flourishing as one. The white gold shines with artistic inspiration, and the diamonds seem to sing with the sweetest strains of the music of love.


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