Playing dress up and drawing outside the lines fills us with gratitude and inspiration

Custom Jewelry Design Inspiration

Grateful-[greyt-ful], adjective: warmly or deeply appreciative, expressing or actuated by gratitude.

What better time than November, the month of Thanksgiving, for us to ‘take stock’ of all those things for which we are grateful. While there are so many I could list, I’m especially grateful for the encouragement I received as a child to express my creativity and develop a love and appreciation of art. These gifts are ones with which I aspire to impart to my daughters. Watching their imaginations blossom as they play beside me in the studio, is a truly astounding gift. Their eyes light up as they look through the many jewels, playing dress-up in as many pieces as their little hands can handle.
While my designs incorporate many refined, unique stones such as diamond slices, emeralds, and rubies, they’re also infused with a playful whimsy that my children continually impress upon me. Drawing outside of the lines; setting stones slightly askew; using pieces that include the beautiful-often- imperfect details found in nature. All these signature characteristics represent who I am as an artist and the profound impact my children have on my designs. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my craft with them, nurture their creative spirits, and hopefully inspire them to also follow their individual, authentic dreams.

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