Ashley Morgan’s Winter Brides

Pale rose gold. Strikingly bright platinum.
Warm pink sapphires and rose gold paired with diamonds as white as snow. 
Winter brides are so much like the season itself: cool, chic, and always elegant.
The jewelry these brides choose echoes this effortlessly. 

A Padparadscha sapphire as pink as the sterling roses in a bridal bouquet
is set in 18k rose gold and flanked by round white diamonds in gracefully
set 18k white gold. A dazzlingly white chain is set with floating diamonds
in white gold bezels.
Rose gold hosts round white
diamonds set in incredibly dainty hoop earrings. Pear shaped
diamond briolettes dangle gracefully, swaying with the
movement of the bride.
White pear-shaped diamonds are wreathed in intricate swirls of diamond-studded white gold,
echoing the spirals of lace on on a dress and gleaming like fine satin.
The perfect pop of elegance beneath a gauzy veil.
A halo of round white diamonds wreathes a brilliant square cut diamond;
flanked by twin pairs of tapered baguette diamonds and a row of
elegantly placed round white diamonds, this engagement 
ring is elegance personified. 
A white heirloom diamond removed from its old setting and
placed between trios of round white diamonds in marquise settings,
creating a floral effect that is set off by the matte finish of this gorgeous engagement ring.
Pale pink sapphires wreathe a cushion-cut diamond, set in warm rose gold.
Rose gold details work their way around this elegant setting.
Pink sapphires float effortlessly up a rose gold chain.
 The perfect “something new” to wear on your special day.
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