A Note from the Designer, Ashley Morgan

San Francisco Jewelry DesignerOne of the aspects of being an artist that I enjoy the most is the creative process. I love working with my clients, dreaming up ideas while listening to their stories and recalling memories. Whether working with a client, or working on my own, the creative process takes thought, time and energy.  It also requires a great deal of self-reflection and often leads to internal discovery.

As the seasons start to shift from winter to spring, it is a perfect time for renewal and self-reflection. The creative process compels me to think about ways to improve my art and my designs, while providing the opportunity to redefine myself at any moment. I love that – but I am not alone. We all have that internal creative process and the ability to redefine ourselves. So, I encourage each of you to use the change of seasons as an opportunity to reflect and renew yourselves. Enjoy the transition – I know I will!

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