Layers, Romantic Layers!


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YRB94Renowned fashion stylist Ken Downing from Neiman Marcus wants to infuse romantic layering back into jewelry.

During his latest fashion show at Neiman Marcus, he featured this philosophy through his artful use of Ashley Morgan jewelry—his models were strewn petite turquoise earrings, delicate bangles, and exquisite stackable rings.

Bright pops of color were flanked by the glitter of diamonds in Ashley’s latest collection. Fire opals ringed by diamonds shone while tourmalines effused a warm, rosy glow. Emeralds the size of coins rested in settings of yellow gold and white diamonds.

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To follow Ken’s mantra is to stop saving your fabulous pieces for fabulous events, and to permeate your whole wardrobe with glamour. Gone are the days when a statement opal necklace in hues of deepest cerulean was only for a gala—Ken believes that statement necklace should be worn proudly among layers of romantically draped pearls, set off by flashing rose-cut diamond rings, and complimented by dangling yellow diamond earrings.

After all—why wait for a special occasion when the very pieces you own can make any day special?


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