June 2012 Newsletter

I just returned from a great visit to New York City where I spent a week immersed in the extraordinary ‘buzz’of one of the world’s most fashionable and exciting cities. From uptown to down, from Harlem to Chelsea, everywhere I went I was dazzled by unbridled energy and visual inspiration. Fashion and design seem to come naturally to this city and its residents – it’s just the New York state of mind.

It was a fabulous trip, but I must admit my heart is in San Francisco. I am excited to kick off the official beginning of summer back in the city I love. The seemingly endless days and fun activities give a vitality to summer that’s unlike any other season. I hope you enjoy these longest days of the year. And don’t forget to celebrate the fathers out there on June 17th!

Warmest Wishes.


Stackable Tourmaline Rings by Ashley Morgan 


Our latest collection of stackable tourmaline rings in 18k yellow gold are so versatile, they’re great for every occasion. For a dip of subtle elegance try just one ring, or make more of a splash by stacking as many as you can. The vibrant colors of the tourmalines are perfect for that summer glow and sure to catch everyone’s eye!


Ashley Morgan featured in INSTORE Magazine

Ashley Morgan was recently featured in INSTORE Magazine. INSTORE provides comprehensive jewelry industry info for jewelry store owners.
We were honored to receive praise from the following industry leaders:
“The texture of Ashley’s pieces makes you want to glide your hands over them. She knows how to choose stones for the beauty in their irregularity and the rareness of the color.”     – Krista Baker, Owner Palas Jewelers
“We just introduced Ashley Morgan’s jewelry in our store because we loved the way she blended a hand-wraught look with classic diamond elegance – not many jewelers can successfully do that. Ashley’s jewelry is feminine but at the same time bold, not dainty. This is the perfect balance for women who want organic elegance – a softness, but in jewelry that makes a statement.”     – Peter Walsh, Owner Manika Jewelry
“Her use of color and her choices of particular stones work well for a wide demographic of customers. She seems genuinely inspired by the unusual gems she uses.”     – Jonathan Landsberg, Owner Landsberg Jewelers


Karat vs. Carat: What’s the Difference? 


karat is the unit of measurement for gold. It refers to the amount of PURE gold contained in an item. KT is the common abbreviation used by the jewelry industry. The following defines the percentages in the most common denominations of gold:

24KT contains 99.9% pure gold

18KT contains 75.0% pure gold

14KT contains 58.5% pure gold

10KT contains 41.7% pure gold

carat is the unit of measurement most commonly used in the industry to determine the exact size of a gemstone. There are 100 points to 1 carat. A carat is also equal to 1/5 of a gram (or there are 5 carats in 1 gram). Hence, a 1 carat diamond has 100 points, a 3/4 carat has 75 points and a 1/4 carat diamond has 25 points. Diamonds are given a value based on four things. Just because they are the same size (weight) does not mean they are of equal value.

   Guiltwood Round Jeweled Box (As seen on HomeMint)


We love all things jeweled. And why not store your jewels in jewels? Hold all your small treasures in this beautifully ornate antique Giltwood round box. Hand-crafted in the 1950s, this beautifully bejeweled gold box with two removable trays, is a stylish way to stash all your trinkets and jewelry on your dresser or vanity.

We found this item on HomeMint, a new site we love. HomeMint gives you exclusive access to the style and design expertise of Justin Timberlake, international style icon and Estee Stanley, renowned celebrity stylist and interior designer. Each month, they feature unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else — curated to perfectly complement your style. From Brooklyn-born masterpieces to Asian treasures, they’ve explored the world to bring these unique finds into your home.


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