We are all grateful for different things. Some are grateful simply for beauty—the beauty of delicate dresses in Vogue’s hallowed pages, the majesty of the Golden Gate. Some find joy in the natural beauty of the sparkling stars of Orion’s Belt, or first pale golden rays of morning light kissing the edge of the Pacific.

Gratitude is a light in and of itself—we all have much to be grateful for, especially during these troubled times. I’m so grateful for the people I meet every day through Ashley Morgan Designs. There are so many inspired, talented, helpful, and gifted people in the world, and I’m so grateful that I am able to come together with some of them to help make people’s wishes come true.
During this time of year when we all pause to give thanks, I like to take a moment and focus on those around me. It is by helping one another and supporting each other in whatever way possible that we are able to make our community—no matter how large or small—a happier, more loving place.

I wish you all a very happy and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!


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