Dreaming of Beauty and Elegance Since Day One

Ashley Morgan- Ballet Girl

Many girls have dreams of becoming a ballet dancer at some point during their childhood. This dream may take hold when she takes her first leap at age 4 in her tutu class, or later in life when she is awed by her first ballet performance. Watching our kids become inspired is nothing short of magical. It’s a unique and memorable glimpse into what makes them individuals.

Watching my daughter awkwardly tiptoe around the studio, grinning from ear to ear, was a moment I’ll never forget. It also was another catalyst behind starting my ballet-inspired pieces. These new designs reveal a little whimsy, wonder and mystique; transforming the beauty and grace of the ballet to everyday wear. Whether as an adult or child, the exhilaration that’s felt when encountering new and exciting experiences is one that should be captured and held onto as inspiration for a lifetime.

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