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According to the GIA, Gem Institute of America, somewhere in Brazil in the 1500s, a Spanish conquistador washed the dirt from a green tourmaline crystal and confused the vibrant gem with an emerald. His This confusion lived on until scientists recognized tourmaline as a distinct mineral species class in the 1800s. It’s easy to understand why people so easily confuse tourmaline with other gemstones – gems: very few gems match tourmaline’s dazzling range of colors. From rich reds to pastel pinks and peaches colors, intense emerald greens to vivid yellows and deep blues, the breadth of this gem’s color range is unrivaled.
This fall, I am particularly enraptured by love the greenish hues, which I have carved into leaves and butterflies.

Ashley Morgan green tourmaline earringsAshley Morgan Trillion Emerald Pendant

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