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The holidays are here and Ashley Morgan is joyfully embracing the festivities! We plan for the holidays year ’round to have inventory available at this special time of year, and this season our elves have been especially busy. We have a great selection of unique and beautiful items now available for your perusal. And don’t forget, the holiday season is also the perfect time to work on those one-of-a-kind custom projects.  As always, we love working on your personal, individualized designs during this or any other time of year!


We at Ashley Morgan embrace this wondrous season of giving and find great joy in exchanging tokens of love and friendship with those close to us. But it is the gift of time, energy, commitment and caring that brings us the greatest joy. Even a simple smile or an extra hug can light up someone’s day. And isn’t that what these winter holidays are all about – bringing light into the world?


With Warmest Holiday Wishes,


 Ashley Morgan Featured in W Magazine and 7×7


W Magazine and 7×7 both featured Ashley Morgan jewelry in recent articles. We were thrilled to be recognized by such highly regarded fashion publications.

W Magazine December Gift Guide

Our rose cut fuchsia triangle tourmaline ring was highlighted in W Magazine’s 2012 December Gift Guide. What an honor to be included on a page along with so many of our favorite fashion icons.




Ashley Morgan’s Gump’s collection was recently featured in an online article on San Francisco’s 7×7 website. We always turn to 7×7 for San Francisco’s latest events, fashion and entertainment news.


Click on the link below for the full article:

Sparkle That Never Fades: Ashley Morgan for Gump’s


Ashley Morgan Holiday Trunk Shows


Our holiday trunk show season has begun! We always look forward to these opportunities to get together with our customers and showcase some of our latest projects.


This past week we had a great trunk show at Blanc Boutique in San Anselmo. For the past few years, we have proudly displayed our jewelry at Blanc and their annual holiday trunk shows have been fabulous. This year’s was no exception.


There are a few more upcoming Ashley Morgan events in December. We hope to see you at one of them.



Wednesday, December 5th: 3pm – 7pm
3571 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94118


Thursday, December 6th: 12pm – 8pm
Private Trunk Show at the Getty Residence in San Francisco
Please RSVP to be added to the invite list.


Friday, December 7th: 
1129 Chestnut Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tuesday, December 11th: 9am – 1pm
W Magazine Holiday Blogfest
Nomad Hotel
1170 Broadway  New York, NY 10001

Invitation only event for bloggers and W Magazine


Thursday, December 20th: 4pm – 7pm
210 Post Street, Suite 1115
San Francisco, CA 94108


Gump’s: Open Mon – Sat, 10am – 6pm; Sun 12pm – 5pm
Gump’s will continue to show their custom Ashley Morgan collection as well as other select Ashley Morgan pieces throughout the holidays. Stop by anytime during their business hours to view the collections.


135 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
Ashley is available for private appointments and showings starting December 9th through the holidays. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping – schedule an appointment today!

Three Ways to Tie a Perfect Bow


The holidays are a season of giving and of decoration. Bows are a simple and elegant way to make gifts of all shapes and sizes more festive. Of course we like things that come in small packages the best!


The bows here are three basic styles everyone should know. The final shape of the bow will depend on the texture and width of the ribbon used. You can combine different types of ribbon to make bunches of the same kind of bow. Or, use just one type of ribbon and play with a variety of tying styles. Whatever the style and wherever you use it, the perfect bow will add the final magic touch to tying the knot.


Favorite Bow  Perfectly suited to wire-edge or stiff ribbons that hold their shape (taffeta, organdy, or grosgrain), the Favorite Bow is charming when freestanding — sewn to a sash or attached to the side of a table — or as a wrapping; you’ll need at least twelve inches of ribbon just for the bow. If wrapping a box, first tie a left-over-right half-knot.


1. Shape two evenly sized loops, one in each side of the ribbon.
2. Cross right loop over left one.
3. Knot loops by threading right loop behind left one, under, and up through the hole; make sure ribbon is not twisted or bunched.
4. Pull loops into a smooth knot. Adjust loops; trim tails to be slightly longer than loops.


Double Bow To make a perfect double bow, leave enough tail on both ends of the first bow to make the second one. An extra set of hands is also helpful to ensure that loops are taut. First, follow directions for the Favorite Bow, leaving an even tail on both sides; don’t finish ends.

1. Position bow horizontally, and determine which tail exits the knot on the top, and which exits underneath. Make a loop in each tail.
2. Cross top loop over bottom one.
3. Knot by threading top loop behind bottom one, under, and up through the hole; make sure ribbon is not twisted or bunched.
4. Pull loops to tighten; make sure knot of second bow overlaps knot of first. Trim tails, and arrange loops.

The Winged Bow  This classic treatment is simple, not frilly, and perfect for smaller packages. You’ll need twelve to fourteen inches of ribbon to work with after encircling the object; use a right-over-left half-knot to secure the object.

1. Cross left tail over right one.
2. Knot ribbon by threading left tail behind right one, under, and up through the hole; make sure ribbon is not twisted or bunched.
3. Pull evenly on tails until ribbon has tightened into a clean, smooth knot.
4. Arrange folds, and trim ends of ribbon.



   Antique Diamond Rings (as seen on Pinterest)

Look how beautiful these rings are – individually and together! We are continuously inspired by antique jewelry. At Ashley Morgan, we aspire to create timeless jewelry that is reminiscent of the past and compliments today’s fashions.


Reinventing an antique piece of jewelry is one of our favorite and most meaningful custom design projects. We also love the idea of combining these pieces to create a unique look, as is done when stacking rings.


If you have a piece of jewelry lying around thatis dear to your heart but hasn’t been worn in years, we’d be happy to help you reinvent it!



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