What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a tiny bit of text that is stored on your hard drive asking permission to let us know when you are when visitors are accessing our site. A cookie does not tell us your e-mail address or who you are, just whether you are a new customer or someone who has previously visited our site.

If you have set your browser to notify you before accepting a cookie, you will notice that will request a cookie to be set on your computer. This cookie, by itself, only tells us that a previous visitor has returned. Temporary cookies are necessary to maintain the user session and tell our server which page to pull up next.

Why are Cookies Persistent?
If the web server does not detect a Unique ID for your session, it will generate one and send it to the client in the form of a cookie. So, if you accept the cookie, you only get it once. If you do not accept the cookie, it will try to send you one with every time you visit the site until it is accepted. This means every page and item on that page you request from will come with a cookie request unless you already have one.

So What Does A Cookie Do For Me, The Visitor?
When you are browsing in the store, you can add items to your shopping cart and return several days later to pick up where you left off, with the items still in the cart. We know many customers have concerns about cookies on their computers, we just want to let you know that we are not trying to access any of your personal information, but create a more simple and user-friendly site.