Children’s Champions!

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Ashley Morgan Designs was honored to participate in this years Children’s Champions Event, an event that benefited at-risk children in the Bay Area! Ashley was able to generously donate a lovely pair of tourmaline drop earrings, set in waxy gold bezels.


The proceeds from this raffle went to the two wonderful foundations who brought this event to life!


“WWFC’s mission is to improve children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. We strive to do this by funding existing programs, and creating new programs, that provide children living in underserved communities with the gift of encouragement and self-confidence. When children believe in themselves and have others believe in them, they are able to develop the emotional, social, and physical skills that allow them to lead healthy, motivated, and inspired lives.”

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“Fit Kids’ mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle among children in underserved communities through high quality youth fitness and nutrition programs. By providing our science based youth fitness curriculum at no cost, we offer increased opportunities for physical activity and inspire an early love of sports and fitness that will serve as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Fit Kids provides the framework to help children build positive relationships, self-confidence, independence and the ability to deal with adversity.”

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