California Aquamarines

As winter slowly turns to spring, I like to pause, reflect, renew, and recharge. March, to me, is a transitional month, kicking off the season of change and rebirth.

Living in California, I am fortunate to be able to recharge by the ocean. I am mesmerized by the constantly changing color of the water; the waves transforming the shoreline with each ebb and flow. The ocean is a source of hope and inspiration, and a reminder that the only constant in life is change.

Some of my newer pieces are inspired by the California coast. The collection boasts the traditional birthstone for March – the aquamarine. As you might expect from a gem whose name means seawater, aquamarine captures the beauty of the sea. The elegant icy color looks as fresh with earth tones as with other pastel shades.

So, as the seasons start to change, it is my wish that you all seek solitude and peace, and find a place to renew and recharge, wherever that might be. For me, it will be the California coast.

Warmest Regards

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