Falling Into Autumn

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

-Emily Brontë

In California, the shift from Summer to Fall is subtle, but distinct. The night air grows slightly crisper. The green leaves begin their gradual change to yellows, oranges, and reds; and as always our golden hills stay golden.     Engagement Ring, Custom Jewelry, Diamonds, Ring, Fine Jewelry

Of course, for me, it’s not nature’s changes that make the seasons feel different-it’s back to school season! Now that my younger daughter has started kindergarten, I’m the proud recipient of two sets of stories, completed assignments, and lovely art projects.

It was this beautiful art that inspired my latest project-pendants that are made by hand-engraved etching on 18k gold.

Gold, Necklace, Custom Design, EngraveWhen my older daughter came home with this picture, I immediately knew I wanted to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment–the moment my older daughter helped her sister as she entered into a “big girl” classroom for the first time. Both the picture she drew and the pendant capture that sweet love between sisters. I am so excited to start a personalized line of these pendants so that other parents turn their child’s artwork into can make a treasured memory as well! We all know how fast these moments slip by in the endlessly flowing stream of our busy lives. I’m so glad to have this sweet memory preserved as I watch my girls grow up.

Please contact me to find out how you can submit your own child’s art and have it turned into a timeless memory.

I think the back-to-school vibe is contagious-there’s something that feels new and fresh about the Fall. I can’t wait to dive in and see what inspiration this season holds for me!

Warmest Regards, Ashley

What’s New: Wilkes Bashford Custom Design

Sketch, Custom Jewelry, Custom Design, Engagement Ring, RingA source of inspiration this fall is the work I have been doing with Wilkes Bashford. I have been thoroughly enjoying being able to work privately with clients, and I’ve been able to design some lovely pieces. I recently worked with a woman who came to me with a three-stone diamond engagement ring.
Engagement ring, Custom Design, Diamonds, RingThrough a private consultation I learned that she wanted a lighter, more delicate ring. The end result was a thinner, chic ring that has an elegant feel to it. I also designed a matching stacking wedding band, which she felt completed the look.


What’s New: September Bloomingdales Trunk Show

Trunk Show, Bloomingdales, Fine JewelryI am preparing for our trunk show with Bloomingdales in Boston! I will be heading to Boston for the show in late September, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working once again with Arlene Mcleod. These shows are such a wonderful way to interact with customers outside of the Bay Area, and I’m always inspired by the work that comes from meeting with new clients.



A Reflection of Love

I can’t believe it’s already August! Summer has kept us busy with family, friends, and special projects. My heart is full with inspiration!

Meanwhile at our studio, sketches for the new collection, special custom projects, and inspiration boards fill the space. I’ve been focusing on developing new pieces, and updating past ideas.

Perhaps it’s the time of year, but creating custom engagement rings has also kept me quite busy. This is truly one of my favorite aspects of the job. These requests are deeply touching and exciting. Every couple has their own journey, and it’s such an honor for me to use my skills to help capture the romance in the fine details of an engagement ring. As with all of my custom projects, I love the design process because I get to know the individuals and help create special time capsules that they will treasure forever. Sometimes the stories are grand, others are simple truths, but all of them are so important and special – it’s a privilege that they share these details with me.

With that in mind, I want to share one of my recent projects with you:
My clients got engaged under their favorite tree that has a swing – a simple, and sweet reminder of their adventures. We sat down and created a beautiful collage, a board full of stories and personal touches. This ring (below) is the product of that process. I incorporated a “V” shape on the side of the ring that symbolizes their spot under the tree.

custom jewelry designer

As I look back on these recent projects, I am reminded that an engagement ring is more than art, fashion, or style. It serves as a symbol, a token, and a reflection of love and commitment. Love knows no bounds, and is endless. My hope is that my designs reflect their story, and the ring serves as a constant reminder of their love.




Happy Mother’s Day

” I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)” – ee cummings

This month, it seems appropriate to reflect on one of the most important sources of my inspiration and the one that guides so many of my favorite designs – the special bond between mothers and daughters.

Through my mother, I learned about the sacred bond of motherhood. My mom is continually teaching me about strength, love and the meaning of family. She is the muse behind some of my favorite collections: diamond daises, circle of life, and my signature stackable bands. Mom- Thank you for teaching me the importance of being raw, authentic, vulnerable and loved. You are my rock!

Through my daughters, the sacred bond of motherhood has been passed to a new generation. My daughters also play a special role in my design process. Watching my daughters fearlessly layer jewelry with unbridled emotion, has taught me about the joy of style and the brilliance of layering. I also love creating “bespoke” family heirlooms that can one day be shared with their children. These pieces are essentially time capsules that capture the special moments in life.

So, from my family to yours, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day. I hope you all find time to celebrate the special people in your lives and your own inspirations.

Warmest Regards,
Bespoke Jewelry

What’s New: Signature Collection

The concept of the Signature Collection is the beauty of connection and continuity. Circles are a common theme in this collection, highlighted by “Circle of Life” pieces. The Circle of Life pieces were inspired by my mother and three sisters. The collection was designed to reflect the strength of my mother and the beauty that she exudes while holding her family together in the circle of life.
Ashley Morgan Signature Collection

What’s New: Vibrant Collection

My stacking bands, part of my Vibrant Collection, are a series of stacking rings that can be randomly matched and added to symbolize special moments in one’s life. The concept is to be metaphorically layered in love. For mothers in particular, these stacking rings recall memories of births as well as other meaningful and celebratory moments in life.
Vibrant Stacking Bands


Perhaps my favorite piece of jewelry from my personal collection is the bespoke pair of sister earrings inspired by my two daughters. I love the earrings’ whimsical beauty and their ability to shine in their rawness. The faces are carved out of white jade with dancing diamond earrings. Dressed in opulent pink opal drops and glimmering raw champagne diamonds. Engraved on the back of the earrings is a quote from my favorite poem by ee cummings:

“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)”

Bespoke Jewelry San Francisco

Our gorgeous diamond slice necklace is featured on Jewelry Fashion Tips blog

This month the Jewelry Fashion Tips blog has written a piece on the April Birthstone: Diamonds.

“I was a bit overwhelmed when I began pondering how I could narrow down my examples of diamond jewelry to just a handful. There’s SO many pieces I love out there! Therefore, I decided to narrow the field and show you some of the fantastic designs from my local peeps — talented designers from the San Francisco Bay Area. ” Jewelry Fashion Tips — April Birthstone: Diamond — Posted on April 4, 2016

Check it out!

diamond slice necklace

Ashley Morgan jewelry is featured in Organic Life’s eco-friendly engagement rings feature

Organic Life did a feature on ‘Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings That Make Saying Yes Easy: Sustainable wedding jewelry doesn’t have to sacrifice beauty‘ and we couldn’t agree more! Ashley Morgan believes in being a good steward of our environment is everyone’s responsibility. We go to great lengths to ensure that our gold and other precious materials are sourced from ‘clean mines.’
We are featured on slide three, check it out!

custom gold and platinum leaf diamond ring

April’s Birthstone – The Diamond

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – William Shakespeare

Welcome to April! Spring is in full bloom and new growth and rebirth are everywhere. I love the renewal process that happens during the month of April.

It seems so fitting that the birthstone for April is the diamond. Diamonds are fascinating. They are all unique, strong and natural. They can be perfect or imperfect or perfectly imperfect! I love the subtle nuances of diamonds — the streak of emotion running through a diamond slice, the giddy glistening of a champagne diamond, and the beautiful harmony of a canary yellow diamond.

Diamonds are a metaphor for life – they remind us that we are all different, all distinct and all resilient. They are formed under pressure. Therefore, they call on us to think about our core, our strength and our foundation, and inspire us to renew and restore ourselves and grow even more beautiful through adversity.

Warmest Regards

ashley morgan diamond ring