Ashley Morgan’s Winter Brides

Pale rose gold. Strikingly bright platinum.
Warm pink sapphires and rose gold paired with diamonds as white as snow. 
Winter brides are so much like the season itself: cool, chic, and always elegant.
The jewelry these brides choose echoes this effortlessly. 

A Padparadscha sapphire as pink as the sterling roses in a bridal bouquet
is set in 18k rose gold and flanked by round white diamonds in gracefully
set 18k white gold. A dazzlingly white chain is set with floating diamonds
in white gold bezels.
Rose gold hosts round white
diamonds set in incredibly dainty hoop earrings. Pear shaped
diamond briolettes dangle gracefully, swaying with the
movement of the bride.
White pear-shaped diamonds are wreathed in intricate swirls of diamond-studded white gold,
echoing the spirals of lace on on a dress and gleaming like fine satin.
The perfect pop of elegance beneath a gauzy veil.
A halo of round white diamonds wreathes a brilliant square cut diamond;
flanked by twin pairs of tapered baguette diamonds and a row of
elegantly placed round white diamonds, this engagement 
ring is elegance personified. 
A white heirloom diamond removed from its old setting and
placed between trios of round white diamonds in marquise settings,
creating a floral effect that is set off by the matte finish of this gorgeous engagement ring.
Pale pink sapphires wreathe a cushion-cut diamond, set in warm rose gold.
Rose gold details work their way around this elegant setting.
Pink sapphires float effortlessly up a rose gold chain.
 The perfect “something new” to wear on your special day.
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Gold Rush: A Song of Stars and Celestial Fireworks


 Once upon a time, not so long ago, many hopefuls left their lives and loves to wander the craggy wilderness of northern California. Here they sifted through the dirt and silt of the valleys and the clear, pebble-strewn streams of the hills and mountains. Their hopes were pinned on the chance of good fortune, their dreams as gilded as they hoped their pockets soon would be. This was the Gold Rush, and for some, it was a time of plenty.
Today, we live in a gilded era.
Jewelry-lovers rest easy knowing that delicately crafted golden creations are a mere shopping stop away, deals and bargains at the tips of our fingers as they tap the screens of our smart phones. But truly, the origin of this jewelry isn’t a lavishly-appointed studio or a beautifully furnished store: it’s the star-strewn heavens themselves.  
In the southern constellation of Hydra, 130 million light-years away, a kilonova produces a mass of gold 40 to 100 times the size of Earth, and blows it into space. This kilonova, or a collision of two dead stars, results in a cosmic firework show witnessed not by cheering crowds but by rare and lucky astronomers. The gold created in this explosion will spend eons sinking into new stars and melding with planets-
maybe, some day, even with our own.  
Astronomers believe that this is how most of the precious metals in the universe are created. To those who are inclined to dream, it paints a pretty picture of a vast universe strewn with luxe heavenly trails of gold and silver, crossing and circling stars that glitter like diamonds, and planets that glow in their deep jewel tones.
It becomes easy to picture this celestial jewelry box as a larger version of the opulent box you have sitting on your bureau. It’s filled with your precious possessions. Your new ruby necklace, your grandmother’s diamond wedding ring. But close your eyes for a moment, if you will, and picture something bigger. Our planet is a jewel set in the elegant tiara of the universe. We are living inclusions in this jewel, always looking to the heavens, lucky to exist in this time of plenty. Every piece you hold near and dear isn’t simply a product of time, effort, or money. It’s millions of golden atoms that have traveled light-years through time and space to rest gracefully on your fingers, dangle from your earlobes, drape around your neck. Your ring is infused with the love of your partner, your necklace 
the product of a kind friend. 
We are so small, and they mysteries of the universe are so large. But at the end of the day as we move through our respective lives, it’s comforting to know that all that glitters really is gold.

Pretty in Pink, Dazzling in Diamonds

October 9, 2017

Test the waters of mixed textures and bold design.
Dare to layer, and dare to shine. 
Ashley Morgan calls it “owning the avant-garde.”
It’s effortlessly adding feminine touches to an edgy outfit. 
It’s pink sapphires and platinum meets leather, 
diamonds meet dark lace.
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Ashley Morgan: Custom Jewelry at its Finest

September 25, 2017

It all began with a dress. The dress was an elegant one; designed by Carolina Herrera and whimsical in design, it was covered with detailed lace set in garden-inspired patterns. When I was approached to make a necklace and earring set for this outfit-which was destined for a wedding-I was immediately inspired. I found myself intrigued by the intricate lace patterns, and sketched an elaborate collar necklace that composed of medallions that had four separate designs: each reflected an element of the design of the dress. I chose my favorite for the matching drop earrings. After pulling different themes and motifs from the dress, I customized the neckline to fit the dress exactly. I talked with my client about what she hoped the necklace and earring set would represent: I learned that she was attending her eldest daughter’s wedding, and that she wanted these pieces to be a celebration of her the event and what it symbolized. We chose blush pink sapphires as the stone that would stud the necklace: the color of these stones represented the little girl she had raised into a lovely young woman.

The next step was to finalize the details.
For any custom project, a computerized CAD is required to cement the crucial elements. After my client had seen the sketch of her lovely necklace and earrings, a CAD was made. This was then shown to my client, who happily approved what she saw. With the CAD and details confirmed, the project was
ready to begin!


Production of the necklace involved carving each tiny element of the necklace and earrings out of wax, and cast the medallions individually.
Every rose gold swirl, vine, star, and cross-hatch had to be formed expertly and exactly. Then the many sparkling sapphires were added, in their hues of blush-pink. We wanted the necklace to exude a warmth and a glow, to give the impression of a natural garden preserved in gold and precious gems. This feel was achieved through the combination of rose gold and 
blush-pink sapphires. 
The final result was more enchanting then we could have dreamed. A symphony of pink and rose hues, the necklace lays elegantly against the collarbone. The earrings seem to twinkle as they dangle, a perfect match for the necklace.
A true joy from start to finish, this necklace is without a doubt one of a kind. Contact me today to begin your own custom project-experience the joy and satisfaction of bespoke fine jewelry created specifically to suit you.
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Ashley Morgan’s Trunk Show at Bloomingdale’s

September 13, 2017

Ashley Morgan is honored to partner once again with Bloomingdale’s for a fabulous trunk show showcasing the latest designs from Ashley Morgan!

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Tourmaline Dreams

September 1, 2017

When developing my Fall collection, I gravitated towards tourmalines easily. The hues of these stones felt to be a natural choice for a season when a blanket of stillness seems to fall on the earth. The crisp air of seems cleaner, and full of contemplative moments. The leaves of summer have stopped bursting forth in their myriad hues of green, and gently change to glowing oranges, yellows, reds, and browns. Looking at the deep colors of these gorgeous stones reminded me of the fall in all its mystery.As I watch my girls grow and settle into their new grades, I’m struck by the changes I’m seeing in them. Already, they have clear dreams and the passion to follow them. As I worked on this collection, I held my girls in my mind and tried to channel that same passion and fire into every cut of each stone, the careful placement of each diamond, every swirl of gold. These pieces are more than just gold and gems: to me, they represent the earth and the changing of the season. The penetrating depth of the colors complimented by a mix of differently shaped diamonds and tourmalines is a perfect representation of the harmonious marriage between the free-flowing nature of my work and the sophisticated side of high-end jewelry.
Each necklace, earring, and bracelet is an example of the sharp eyes, attention to detail, and poised disposition I try to channel on a daily basis. The end result of this work is a collection of gorgeous tourmaline pieces that are as whimsical as they are elegant: perfectly suited for a California girl fresh off the Summer of  Love, ready for whatever exciting challenges the Fall may bring.
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Ashley Morgan’s Diamond Eclipse

August 24, 2017

On the heels of the eclipse I find myself reflecting back on the incredible projects I’ve been able to be a part of. During any kind of celestial event I find that so many parts of my life seem to fall into perspective, and the bigger picture becomes clearer as I am reminded of my place in the universe. For me, a client walking in to my studio is never a random event. Like an eclipse, it is an alignment. As my creativity is matched with their personal story and a piece of jewelry is born, I find myself truly blessed to be a part of their experience.
As I watched the crowds of people swarm out of their many different office buildings to watch the eclipse, I was reminded that we truly are all a community. This fall, Ashley Morgan Designs is honored to be working with Sunny Hills Services for their Reach for the Stars benefit on October 7th. You can learn more and donate at their website.

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Fall Lineup

August 16, 2017

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Ashley Morgan’s Diamond Earrings

July 28, 2017

Beauty may come in all shapes and sizes, but at Ashley Morgan Designs beauty like this comes studded with diamonds and set in 18k gold. Graceful ovals, rose cut rounds, geometric squares, and elegant rectangular diamonds are all flanked by gorgeous halos of round white diamonds. Ashley’s collection of elegant studs includes a wide variety of gorgeous diamond-on-diamond earrings that are easily appropriate for any number of occasions.

To follow Ashley’s mantra is to permeate your every day with glamour. Gone are the days when diamond earrings were only worn for a gala: Ashley’s designs are as versatile as they are dazzling. 
After all, why wait for a special occasion when the very pieces you own can make any day special? 
Ashley’s jewelry can be found in a wide variety of exclusive boutiques such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Wilkes Bashford and Renee Sheppard. Having been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Time, and W Magazine, Ashley known for creating fine jewelry that is as artistic as it is elegant. Stay tuned to see these pieces and more, available soon at!
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