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September 25, 2017

It all began with a dress. The dress was an elegant one; designed by Carolina Herrera and whimsical in design, it was covered with detailed lace set in garden-inspired patterns. When I was approached to make a necklace and earring set for this outfit-which was destined for a wedding-I was immediately inspired. I found myself intrigued by the intricate lace patterns, and sketched an elaborate collar necklace that composed of medallions that had four separate designs: each reflected an element of the design of the dress. I chose my favorite for the matching drop earrings. After pulling different themes and motifs from the dress, I customized the neckline to fit the dress exactly. I talked with my client about what she hoped the necklace and earring set would represent: I learned that she was attending her eldest daughter’s wedding, and that she wanted these pieces to be a celebration of her the event and what it symbolized. We chose blush pink sapphires as the stone that would stud the necklace: the color of these stones represented the little girl she had raised into a lovely young woman.

The next step was to finalize the details.
For any custom project, a computerized CAD is required to cement the crucial elements. After my client had seen the sketch of her lovely necklace and earrings, a CAD was made. This was then shown to my client, who happily approved what she saw. With the CAD and details confirmed, the project was
ready to begin!


Production of the necklace involved carving each tiny element of the necklace and earrings out of wax, and cast the medallions individually.
Every rose gold swirl, vine, star, and cross-hatch had to be formed expertly and exactly. Then the many sparkling sapphires were added, in their hues of blush-pink. We wanted the necklace to exude a warmth and a glow, to give the impression of a natural garden preserved in gold and precious gems. This feel was achieved through the combination of rose gold and 
blush-pink sapphires. 
The final result was more enchanting then we could have dreamed. A symphony of pink and rose hues, the necklace lays elegantly against the collarbone. The earrings seem to twinkle as they dangle, a perfect match for the necklace.
A true joy from start to finish, this necklace is without a doubt one of a kind. Contact me today to begin your own custom project-experience the joy and satisfaction of bespoke fine jewelry created specifically to suit you.
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