A Reflection of Love

I can’t believe it’s already August! Summer has kept us busy with family, friends, and special projects. My heart is full with inspiration!

Meanwhile at our studio, sketches for the new collection, special custom projects, and inspiration boards fill the space. I’ve been focusing on developing new pieces, and updating past ideas.

Perhaps it’s the time of year, but creating custom engagement rings has also kept me quite busy. This is truly one of my favorite aspects of the job. These requests are deeply touching and exciting. Every couple has their own journey, and it’s such an honor for me to use my skills to help capture the romance in the fine details of an engagement ring. As with all of my custom projects, I love the design process because I get to know the individuals and help create special time capsules that they will treasure forever. Sometimes the stories are grand, others are simple truths, but all of them are so important and special – it’s a privilege that they share these details with me.

With that in mind, I want to share one of my recent projects with you:
My clients got engaged under their favorite tree that has a swing – a simple, and sweet reminder of their adventures. We sat down and created a beautiful collage, a board full of stories and personal touches. This ring (below) is the product of that process. I incorporated a “V” shape on the side of the ring that symbolizes their spot under the tree.

custom jewelry designer

As I look back on these recent projects, I am reminded that an engagement ring is more than art, fashion, or style. It serves as a symbol, a token, and a reflection of love and commitment. Love knows no bounds, and is endless. My hope is that my designs reflect their story, and the ring serves as a constant reminder of their love.




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