A Note From the Designer, Ashley Morgan

Welcome to September! As my little girls zip up their backpacks and sharpen their pencils for school, I am reminded of the new beginnings that fall offers. It is a great time to pause and reflect, to feel grateful for all that we have, and to start anew. Coming off of the summer holiday, I feel rested, creative and reinvigorated.

Earlier this summer, I was fortunate to attend an event at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. The exhibit featured artists’ interpretations of the transition between night and day. In addition to being exposed to some great artists (more on that later), the show was inspirational for me. It reminded me how much I enjoy playing off the balance of light and dark, color and materials, as you will see in my new Fall collection.

I am excited for the new beginnings and all the possibilities that Fall offers. At the same time, I am thankful for all I have and am grateful for the lessons that I learned during the last season.

Wishing you all a happy Fall!


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