A Note From the Designer, Ashley Morgan

San Francisco Jewelry Designer
A few summers back, our family took a road trip through the Sierra Nevada’s in California. It was a special trip with my girls for so many reasons — the kind of trip where time seemed to stand still. The days were long and peaceful and the activities were simple. We mined for gold and gems (which I turned into necklaces), we caught bugs, played games by candlelight, roasted marshmallows, went canoeing, hiking and fishing. It was idyllic.

I have many memories of that trip, but perhaps the one that is most prominent in my mind is stargazing.

As a little girl, growing up in Colorado, I was always fascinated with the summer’s sky at night. I remember lying flat on my back waiting for that perfect shooting star to streak across my view while listening to the gentle chirp of the crickets. Time stood still while I was waiting for that star. Nothing else mattered.

During that family road trip in the Sierra’s, my love of stargazing was passed to my daughters.

I am not sure what this summer will hold. But I am sure it will be filled with long days, endless hours of playing outside, and lying flat on my back dreaming.

Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable summer!


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